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Accidental bumps and scratches? Before you freak out, a simple wipe of this will make your car look brand new again…
Car Scratch & Swirl Remover

This ultimate paint restorer not only removes swirls and scratches. It also restores the gloss and shine of your paint!

Saves your car from hard scratches and swirls brought about by accidents or bumps.

Simply apply appropriate amount and wipe. Instant nice and shine!
It fills in the damaged areas, making your car look free from bumps and dents again.

Apply it without hesitation on your car. It”s especially formulated to avoid damage on car paint and perfectly matches ANY paint color.
Skip the expensive trip to a car repair workshop!


Net Content: 20ml /60ML/120ML
Package Inclusion/s:
1pcs Car Scratch


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Choice 20ML A, Choice 20ML B


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